Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Live: Netaudio Megarave@Ginglik, London

See you there hopefully!

DIY Flux Capacitor Expander

This demonstration uses my crude DIY flux capacitor for the Livewire AFG, basically 5 switches and 10 jacks corresponding to the flux cap pins. Two pin pairs are attenuated by two VCA's controlled by the makenoise/wiard wogglebug, crosspatched with the malekko/wiard noisering, which drives the melodic noodling, via a A-189-1 used as a bitcrusher, to perform cheap quantizing.
The sine output is sent to an input of a makenoise QMMG, driven by the A-143-1 envelope. About halfways through, a feedback path from the animated pulses, animated by A-143-1 LFOs, into the A-106-6 xpander filter (wogglebug controlled) goes into one of the pins on the flux cap expander, resulting in strange noises and unpredictable inharmonic distortion.

DIY Flux Capacitor Demonstration - Sine Out by Veqtor

Next up is a quite complex patch, demonstrating some weird possibilities open up by having access to the individual pins of the AFG flux capacitor pins. All the AFG outputs are sent to the A-152 for switching, then into a f(h) plague bearer and after that routed into flux cap expander. At the same time, a pair of flux cap pins are sent into another f(h) plauge bearer. Everything is controlled by a Wogglebug/Noisering crosspatch quantized by a A-189-1 bitcrusher.

You're listening to the currently selected waveform from the A-152. This creates highly unpredictable noises, ringings and well... listen for yourself!

DIY Flux Capacitor Demonstration - Feedback Abuse by Veqtor

Don't try this if you're not certain about what you're doing, you might destroy your AFG!