Sunday, 28 September 2008

“Where’s the Party At?” Bendable DIY Sampler Brings 8-bit Back

Via Create Digital Music.

Todd Bailey’s “Where’s the Party At?” wants to return to a simpler, glitchier era of sampling. When CDM spoke to Hank Shocklee, Public Enemy’s legendary producer, he talked about how those artists really preferred earlier samplers because of, not in spite of, their flaws. And because lo-fi is a little easier to pull off, this makes a great project.

WTPA is an open source 8-bit digital sampler kit, designed to be hacker and bender friendly. Inspired by the preponderance of wack samplers proliferating in music today, WTPA brings back the fun, the danger, and the aliasing errors.

I want one!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Adrenalin 3/10

Stockholm's first real Breakcore-club, Adrenalin is held at Fylkingen, on the 3rd of October DuranDuranDuran gets to see the miserable culture-starved scandinavian city of Stockholm and probably play to the smallest breakcore crowd in europe...

Unless you and your friends go there, so as not to embaress ourselves.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Veqtor Loves Renoise 2.0 BETA

Some of the features that I had only dreamed of:
  • Full, automatic, sample precise Plugin Delay Compensation (PDC) for Track FX (native and Plugin) and Instruments (aka everything). You simply don't have to care if a VST Plugin or instrument introduces unwanted latency. Renoise will compensate it for you under the hood.
  • Mac OSX: Added support for Audio Unit (AU) Plugins (finally)
  • Multi output VSTis (AUs) are now fully supported. Samplers or Synths with multiple channels can now be routed to individual tracks.
  • Sending notes to VST (AU) FX is now supported. Simply create a FX alias in the VST Instruments pane to do so (link an instrument to an existing FX).

Sunday, 14 September 2008

A little gift to you...

This is just something I've been working on a few nights in a row, decided I just wanted to give it away. Relaxation-music, so click the download, make a cup of tea and fire it up and grab your favorite book or magazine, also works great falling asleep to. Cheers

Download Veqtor - Retrospective (35 megs @ 710 kbps FLAC)

edit: a new version of this track has been submitted to the compilation 2, until I know if it'll be on there it won't be available for download...

edit2: the new track can now be downloaded from here. It's a bit different, and a lot more worked through AND it's in FLAC! Enjoy!

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