Monday, 15 September 2008

Veqtor Loves Renoise 2.0 BETA

Some of the features that I had only dreamed of:
  • Full, automatic, sample precise Plugin Delay Compensation (PDC) for Track FX (native and Plugin) and Instruments (aka everything). You simply don't have to care if a VST Plugin or instrument introduces unwanted latency. Renoise will compensate it for you under the hood.
  • Mac OSX: Added support for Audio Unit (AU) Plugins (finally)
  • Multi output VSTis (AUs) are now fully supported. Samplers or Synths with multiple channels can now be routed to individual tracks.
  • Sending notes to VST (AU) FX is now supported. Simply create a FX alias in the VST Instruments pane to do so (link an instrument to an existing FX).

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