Sunday, 14 September 2008

A little gift to you...

This is just something I've been working on a few nights in a row, decided I just wanted to give it away. Relaxation-music, so click the download, make a cup of tea and fire it up and grab your favorite book or magazine, also works great falling asleep to. Cheers

Download Veqtor - Retrospective (35 megs @ 710 kbps FLAC)

edit: a new version of this track has been submitted to the compilation 2, until I know if it'll be on there it won't be available for download...

edit2: the new track can now be downloaded from here. It's a bit different, and a lot more worked through AND it's in FLAC! Enjoy!

(c) 2008 Göran Sandström, all rights reserved. All forms of public broadcast without prior authorization forbidden by law.

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