Thursday, 6 November 2008

TipTop Audio's Z3000 pics and Audio Demos

This is from Muff Wiggler's Forum, he also was kind enough to post some audio demos!

"First is a comparason between Blacet VCO sine and Z3000 sine. I just pan back and forth between them with a joystick. It starts with 2 bars of Blacet sine, then 2 bars of Z3000 sine, then back to Blacet, etc.

It ends with 4 bars of Blacet VCO."

Simple Sines

"The second is just a very rough demo of applying FM to the Z3000. I'm not modulating the FM index through a VCA or anything, just one Z3000's triangle wave into the FM input of the other Z3000.

First you hear the Z3000 saw by itself. I have the other Z3000 into the Linear FM input, but the Linear FM control is set to nothing. A few bars, then I turn up the Linear FM control just a bit, then turn it down, then a bit more, then turn it down, then a bit more, then get the idea

Then in unplug the external VCO and plug it into the Exponential FM input. Then I mess around with the tuning of the external VCO.

Then I unplug it and you have the dry saw again.

Now this is just a quick n' dirty because I know people are talking about it on other forums. I only had a few mins for this, I'm supposed to be working and gotta get back at it"

FM Test (this is my favorite -v)

The original forum thread

Here's another pic by REwire

And a nice little sound example by him as well:

256mbps Mp3

Soundlist: Pulse, PWM, Saw, ExpFM, LinFM, Sync, HSM (Hard Sync Modulation)

FM and source was RS95e. During end HSM, I was moving the waveform shape of the RS-95e.


Sounds like a really powerful module! For a complete description, check it out at Analogue Haven

and don't miss noisesource's awesome review!

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