Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Reaktor 5: Morphing Effects as Sound Generators using Feedback Matrix

Here's something I've been playing around with recently: using effects in feedback matrices and morphing between presets. I got the idea when playing around with frequency shifted feedback in a Serge modular system. So I created a crude macro that let's you morph between the presets, but intend to improve upon it before releasing it (morphing speed modulation, snapshot lists etc). A lot of effects in Reaktor unfortunatly use non-interpolating parameters, like switches (which is good for saving cpu), thus creating clicks when morphing. I will be creating a set of effects intended for morphing like this which are completely designed for morphing (complete with polarizing mod matrices and such). In this particular setup, grainstates fx, a stereo frequency shifter with a wide range and crossfade between up and down-shift, a spacemaster reverb and an analogic filter box are being mixed using a matrix mixer. This allows for any output to be sent to any input. All of the effects are morphing randomly between presets and so is the matrix mixer. Works quite well as a proof of concept if you ask me!

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