Thursday, 2 October 2008

DtBlkFx is awesome and free!

Do you sometimes discover an awesome thing that's been around for ages but you for some reason haven't encountered it despite how cool it is? DtBlkFx was one of those things for me. My flatmate showed it to me the other day and I've been hooked ever since!

It's an FFT-multi-effect for Win and Mac and has a couple of different transformations you can perform on the FFT'ed material, but what really opens up some new oportunities is the masking, which lets you for example select all the even harmonics and perform the transformations on it instead of on everything.

Official Site and Download

And here's a little thing I made using a couple of instances of it, and some BO, with a lot of Random, tempo-synchronized LFO's controlling almost everything there is in both effects...

edit: try opening it in audition's spectral view:


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