Friday, 3 October 2008

A short étude for flute UPDATE!

Just a short étude I did for school.

Today our études were to be performed by professional musicians, although many of them were okay, I had the bad luck of getting a somewhat... disillusioned, to say the least, flute player as the person who was going to perform my étude. Now what really bugs me is that these guys were getting paid to do this and only one out of five seemed to take it remotely serious. If they could at least try...

Yet another time my love of electronics has been reinforced, not having to think about fumbling musicians ruining your ideas really helps when trying to be creative... Not to mention what computers can do to sound recordings. I did record it and just for you to compare I edited it to sound a bit more like I would have wanted it to be like. First it's his FAIL, and then the edited.


What annoyed me the most was his excuses that the piece was written way too fast and bla bla bla. Hey, this guy is supposed to be a pro right? How come he's not at least on par with most other flute players. If you don't take your profession seriously (not as in being overly proud of being a musician but as in being devoted as hell) you should just quit, especially when it comes to being a musician these days since information is so readily available no one's interested in semi-professional skills.

I wish I could work with someone like this instead:

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