Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Reaktor + Touchscreen

Via KORE@CDM and Create Digital Music

Building instruments and effects in Reaktor is a lot like building your own hardware. But ever wished those fabulous UIs you’ve seen could be used via something other than … ugh … your mouse? View Reaktor with a touchscreen or touch-controlled projection, and it’s an entirely different game. We already knew Tim Exile was a fan of touchscreens, but here’s what it can do in the hands of another Reaktor master.

Above are videos of Metrognome a.k.a Karl White getting down with a custom ensemble on a touchscreen. Karl reveals on the NI forums:

That was a huge undertaking and is one very complex Reaktor mod. I’ll be making more stuff public on the user library once I get the documentation lined up.

His site sports a lot of cool reaktor stuff like the BushInABox:

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peterkirn said...

Ha! I missed the Bush in a Box plug-in. I can think of some possible Palin or Obama effects...