Saturday, 21 March 2009

Multi-touch for Max 5 and potentially Live 8

"Max Multitouch Framework by composer Mathieu Chamagne makes turning your Max patch into a multitouch interface a breeze. When I first reviewed the Lemur, I was frustrated by the hardware-style abstraction between your software and the interface. Why was I having to go through Max patches painstakingly assigning Lemur controls to Max controls - why not just make the Max controls appear on the multitouch screen? Well, that’s exactly what you get with MMF. Using a set of Max abstractions, all you have to do is build your Presentation Mode style UI and add in the MMF ingredients - it automagically becomes touchable on a variety of displays."

via Create Digital Music

This should be easily incorporateable into Live 8 I hope... Man, the future is looking bright, multi-touch, live 8 w. max for live, motu interface interfacing with my modular... I can hardly wait...

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